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Monday, November 19, 2007
It's Monday and I'm so tired... I never felt so lazy facing monday such as today...

Okay, now's Tuesday... I wrote that first line up there yesterday, maybe that'll give you a picture of how lazy/tired I am... not my body, Just with my office... This week, i already decided (on my mind) that at the end of this December, I'm resigning...

And now's Wednesday, see?? Told ya I'm really lazy... But today things started pretty good, at least it'll give me the strength to hold on until the end of December. This place sucks... -_-
I went out with my girl last night, and it was fun... It took away all the stresses I got from the whole week... :) Love u honeyyy... :-* Other than that, other things that could relieve me a bit is playing my new nintendo wii (still gonna talk about it later ^^), and playing "uno" with my family... Ahahahahaa, that all was a lot of fun... ^^

Seeyah in our funny lives

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