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Monday, November 5, 2007
Random stuff again...
Hmmm... let's go back a bit, when I went to Surabaya last week, October 30th-31st to be exact. It's a pretty shitty trip, thx to my girl who keep on accompanying me at night, so I could at least get some sleep and that make it felt a lil bit like home... The room+air that night is REALLY HOT!!! I never wanna go and sleep there again, but if I have too... we'll see... :p
When I arrived there, I gotta go straight to the location, and do my job. While doing that my hardware somehow got broke... And I gotta call my boss a few times and all I could get is just all that yelling from him... And somehow I could find a way to solve those things out, even if I gotta put my neck and an extra $2000 on the line...
After that I went home, and the morning after, I went to my office again, just to get yelled at by my boss, and indirectly by the director... So that's a mess... And I can't stand anymore of it...

As I post it before, it's my birthday a few days ago, sorry if I didn't reply to text messages from my friends&family, coz I'm broke man!!! :p well, at least I could have a good time with my family&my girl... But I'm still waiting for my present!!! :p

Gonna go buy Nintendo Wii this weekend (hopefully). I should've bought it last sunday, but couldn't... Soo, keep on crossing my fingers that This Saturday's the DAY!!! Finally I'm buying my OWN console... For the first and the last time... T_T

Still, the biggest thing to wait is whether I'm gonna get a call from this company or not. If I do get called, is it gonna clash with the time when I'm out of town? Coz maybe next week I'm gonna go out of town again... -_- Sooo, let's just wait & see what'll happen next... Ow, and I probably resigning at the end of this month, but... We'll just see... ^^

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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