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Thursday, November 11, 2010
3 tahun???
hmmmm, 2007 yah? terakhir blog ini dicoret2? huehehehee... lama juga yah, udah banyak kejadian yg lewat setelah itu... mungkin bisa ke blog versi wordpress untuk sebagian cerita, tapi setelah diliat2, kok bagusan yg ini yah?? dan kok nostalgia banget yah bacanya... padahal baru 3 tahun lalu lho itu semua, yah udahlah yahh, mungkin efek kesepian aja sendirian disini, huehehe...

Oh iya, blom ditulis yah? Sekarang posisi sedang di Cina, Dalian nama kotanya... kota kecil sih, tapi deket sama Korea&Jepang... ^^V yahhh, nanti pasti diceritain dan bakal gw tulis2 tentang kota ini, dan smoga bisa update blog ini terus... lumayan lucu kali yah kl nanti anak bisa baca2 ini, wekekekee... soal anak nanti dulu deh, tunggu tinggal settle dulu bareng istri...

Oh iya, blom ditulis juga yah? huehehehee... udah merid kaliii... 11 Juli lalu udah akad nikah, dan smoga tahun depan jadi ngadain resepsinya... yahhh, nanti pasti diceritain lagi deh, huehehehe... yang pasti setelah baca2 blog ini, kaget juga yah gimana 3 tahun lalu, dan gimana gw sekarang... kyknya mulai sekarang harus mulai siap2in untuk 3 tahun kedepan deh... :D
But until then,
For the first time in 3 years...

Seeyah in our funny life... :D

PS. did I wrote everything here in english??? DAMN I was good... :p sorry gotta write this one down in Indonesian... I miss my mother-language, since I gotta speak english most of the time here... :D
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Saturday, December 1, 2007
Ever been when someone said that they hate someone very much?? And then suddenly they did like nothing ever happened? Well, I often see that kind of situation... Someone would told me "arrrghhh, that guy is so annoying!!! He did this and that and blaablablablaaa....." And then few days after they're like "yeahh I'm just hanging out with my friends and other people, and him, and her, and that guy, and her again..." I'm like excuse me?? Didn't you just say that you hated that dude? Well it's okay when the situation is unavoidable, but when they say it really casually like "well, that's just a couple of days ago..." now that's so annoying... I mean, I hate the guts out of that person... I would smack/bitchslap him whenever I see his sorry ass, but now you're okay??
Well, I think there's an episode in seinfeld about this kind of issue... When you're facing a situation that being made as an episode in a sitcom, then that situation is so wrong... Right it out already... :p

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Monday, November 19, 2007
It's Monday and I'm so tired... I never felt so lazy facing monday such as today...

Okay, now's Tuesday... I wrote that first line up there yesterday, maybe that'll give you a picture of how lazy/tired I am... not my body, Just with my office... This week, i already decided (on my mind) that at the end of this December, I'm resigning...

And now's Wednesday, see?? Told ya I'm really lazy... But today things started pretty good, at least it'll give me the strength to hold on until the end of December. This place sucks... -_-
I went out with my girl last night, and it was fun... It took away all the stresses I got from the whole week... :) Love u honeyyy... :-* Other than that, other things that could relieve me a bit is playing my new nintendo wii (still gonna talk about it later ^^), and playing "uno" with my family... Ahahahahaa, that all was a lot of fun... ^^

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Such a crazy week, I gotta go up and try to disagree with some upper people in this company that I worked for... And stand for myself!!! Soo, I gotta face the consequences if necessary... Get fired, aahhaha... Well shit does happens, and this is one of those crap that I gotta face.

I really got no problem getting fired, but I just concerned a bit about the rest of my Nintendo Wii's payment (we'll talk about that later...) Guess I gotta suck up to my siblings a lot more... :p

But then again, I gotta stand for my principles and right out the wrong... I mean, I know there must be wrong things at every company... But from all the stories that I heard, this company's the worst... And nobody could stand against it, coz that's just the way things are in this company since the beginning... And I hate the gut out of it...

Sooo... Here's for the next few week's roller coaster ride of my life... Oh, and thanks for everyone that's keep on my back through all this decisions that I made... my family, and you too my luvly gurl... love you all soo mucchhh... :-*


Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Monday, November 5, 2007
Random stuff again...
Hmmm... let's go back a bit, when I went to Surabaya last week, October 30th-31st to be exact. It's a pretty shitty trip, thx to my girl who keep on accompanying me at night, so I could at least get some sleep and that make it felt a lil bit like home... The room+air that night is REALLY HOT!!! I never wanna go and sleep there again, but if I have too... we'll see... :p
When I arrived there, I gotta go straight to the location, and do my job. While doing that my hardware somehow got broke... And I gotta call my boss a few times and all I could get is just all that yelling from him... And somehow I could find a way to solve those things out, even if I gotta put my neck and an extra $2000 on the line...
After that I went home, and the morning after, I went to my office again, just to get yelled at by my boss, and indirectly by the director... So that's a mess... And I can't stand anymore of it...

As I post it before, it's my birthday a few days ago, sorry if I didn't reply to text messages from my friends&family, coz I'm broke man!!! :p well, at least I could have a good time with my family&my girl... But I'm still waiting for my present!!! :p

Gonna go buy Nintendo Wii this weekend (hopefully). I should've bought it last sunday, but couldn't... Soo, keep on crossing my fingers that This Saturday's the DAY!!! Finally I'm buying my OWN console... For the first and the last time... T_T

Still, the biggest thing to wait is whether I'm gonna get a call from this company or not. If I do get called, is it gonna clash with the time when I'm out of town? Coz maybe next week I'm gonna go out of town again... -_- Sooo, let's just wait & see what'll happen next... Ow, and I probably resigning at the end of this month, but... We'll just see... ^^

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Friday, November 2, 2007
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to meeeeee.......

Happy Birthday to meeeeee.......

Happy Birthday dear meeeeee.......

Happy Birthday to meeeeee.......!!!!!!!


I love being silly... ^^

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Monday, October 29, 2007
Quick update, just to fill my time... It's a tiring day, lot's of stuff to do, and I'm going out of town tomorrow... Surabaya, here I come... -_- I'm tired, I don't wanna gooo... :(( But I gotta do what I gotta do, it's my job anyway... Don't even wanna think of where the hell am I going after I came back here... But let's just begin with the closest one... first things first...

The next few week's gonna be a long&tiring for sure... But I think it's not that bad considering I'm still waiting from some company (if any) to call me back for an interview, so I might as well spend it working and try to forget about other things such as those...

Anyway, I'm leaving for about 2 days sooo.......

Seeyah later in our funny lives... ^^

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