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Friday, May 18, 2007
Long Weekend
Wrote this last night...

It's a long weekend for most people in Jakarta, but not for me... I still gotta get up early and go to work. Earlier I felt a li'l bit tired and a bit pissed maybe... but it ended after I went out and drive my old buddy "Otong" ahahahaaa, that's what I called my old mazda 323 btw :p I go out and just drive around alone... then I went to anggrek mall and went to buy some comic books, talked a bit with the store owner about koni who went to sweden for 4 weeks to get a training there... damn you dude... arrgghh, envy :))

After that I drive back home, and yelled a bit at myself in the car... it sure does made me feel a bit better... and when I got home, my relatives is there... my cousin who's getting married this saturday has come to show some of the photograph he took with his girl... aahhh wedding..... maybe I'll talk about my own wedding in about 1000 post after this one, ahahahahaa ^^

Then I talked with my cousin about how now we're rivals coz he's working at cisco and I'm at Alcatel distributor, aahahaaa... then he told me that it's a good starting job for me and I could get alot of new stuff there, coz you won't get lessons about pabx on any college here... and that really makes me feel alot better now... need to get some sleep though...

Good night everyone... Good night my love... Love you so much...

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Spare time...
Damn, wrote this 2 days ago but I forgot to posted it...

If a dying person could spare some time to write something on their blog, then what excuse do I have? work??? HA!!! yup, I got a job... it's my first full time job, coz before this I only worked as a part-timer. I only worked there for almost 3 weeks now, and so far everything went just fine... dunno if it's gonna get rougher after this, but yeah... it's life alright... I'm a technical support for alcatel division at this company... well I learned alot so far, and who'd know that I'll ended up working on a computer network stuff? It's a fun place, crazy but insanely smart people inside, not so far from my home, and the money's not bad for a first job... well at least for a person who graduated with a small GPA like me :p But I don't care, I get a lot of important lessons here, and hopefully after working here, I could use that experience to get a way much better place to work that pays way much better... ehehehehee, gotta save up dude... I wanna get married and buy a house too ya know... ^^

Well today i just worked from 9 to 5 as usual, then when I get home I went straight to the shower and done my prayer... after that I'm about to eat my dinner just in time to do it while watching sportscenter on ESPN... and now I got some time to watch a movie or just writing my blog like what I'm doing now... after this I get to spend some time with my family (gotta take my mom to a supermarket after this...) and finally called my gal to talked about what we did this whole day, and say goodnight to each other...

It is a pretty good day, and it happens only once in a while, coz I'm gonna travel alot for my job... tomorrow I'm going to Cilegon, well It's just a one day trip, but it still gonna be tiring I guess...
Until next time then...

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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