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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Killing time... with skatepark plans
Yup, I'm just killing some time from this bad mood I had the whole day... actually I couldn't figure out about this idea I had in my mind... if you had a hell lot of budget to make a skate park, what would you make? well I keep on crossing my finger that it'd really happened... but given those idea already made me think of some stuff and can't help but to draw the image that's on my mind... this is the first idea that pops up on my mind... it's to fill the gap between 2 building with a mini-ramps, and on the same time the gap between the buildings should be enough to be at least an ollie gap...

What I concerned from this model is
1. would it be enough to make a mini-ramps with just 4-5 meter?
2. if it's not, then would the gap on the roof became too long? (coz I dunno how long usually those pro's did when they did a f/s flip or a kickflip on a sidewalk gap or even a rooftop gaps... and this park was planned to be made at Indonesia... there's no pros here...)
3. if it's too long then should we put on a kicker ramp?
4. if we do put a kicker, would it be danger if some unsupervised beginners/kids tried to hit the gap and fell down from a building height? this concept is for a skate park, mind you...
5. could starbucks really sells on a skatepark? :p

anyway, just wanna put out this idea before I lost the paper I drew this sketch on somewhere in my room :p if anyone could give me any ideas whether my ideas doable or not or any critics would be really welcomed... sorry for the really crappy sketch...

Seeyah in our funny life...

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Monday, April 23, 2007
Man, it's more than a month since I posted something??? damn... so sorry for the freakin delay... it's been a roller-coaster days for the last few weeks... well, I'm not in the mood to tell a thing about it now coz my life's kinda make me confused at these time... (I don't even know how that sentence are supposed to be...) so I'll just wanna put up this picture I edited, some comic book reader might get it, or maybe not coz it's not even funny in any way... man I'm f***ed up... -_-

so then again I quote the words from our lovely hero, deadpool up here...

"I find for the first time in my life....... that I am speechless..."

Seeyah in our funny life...

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