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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Behind The Scene : HDD Copying
Well this has became a habit since like maybe around 2 or 3 years ago... well, at least that's what I felt... dunno how long my other friends has been doing this Hard Disk Drive Copying... we used to do it every weekend, well actually back in the college days we used to do it everytime we have spare time... if there's no new stuff to copy then we'll just hang out talk about animes, manga, and other stuff that's interesting for us at that time...
We used to bring our own HDD and the ones who had a notebook, they'll bring it to fasten up the process, ahahahaa... we've done it with 2 , 3, and even 4 notebooks... now that's just messed up, with all of the cables from the notebook's adaptor, the HDD both internal and external were having 2 cables, one for the power, and for the USB... and there's at least 3 HDD that time, sooo... it's really a cable fiasco there...
What are we copying? well I already mentioned animes and manga, but we also copy J-Dorama, Western Series (if it wasn't for my friend gilang, most people here won't even know about "Prison Break" of "How I Met Your Mother" ahahahaa... and they also copy some porn sometimes... (not me though...) :p aside from all of that, we also copy some college related stuff... (rarely...(obviously...)) wahahahahaaa =))
Well this routine does getting more rare coz some of us already got a job, but we'll do this as long as we could... coz internet is expensive stuff here in Indonesia... we can't download stuff by ourself all the time... so we'll find a way to meet again guys... somehow I know we'll meet again, like sayy... this Thursday? ahahahaaa...

If only we study like this everyday...

Seeyah in our funny lives...


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I'm lateee!!!!!
Yup, that's what crossed my mind when I'm on the road to my friend's birthday party... When I'm halfway there, my friend called and he gave it to my angry birthday buddy who yelled "If you don't bring your ass up here in 15 minutes, I never wanna hear your name anymore!!!" man, she's like my li'l sister in junior high, so I raced up there and apologize for arriving very late, kekekekee... well we talked so much about some stuff, and they're pretty shocked when they heard that I already broke up with my girlfriend after 6 the whole 6 years... well, shit happens... and again we talked about how Ghana making a scene in his new job, actually it's a pretty amazing story how he made a huge change in the whole organization of the place where he worked at... but again he ditched them just like that, and I told him, if he ain't gonna be success, he's gonna be a bum... I mean there's no way a marketing genius like him could end up being a mess, he'll be alright... and he tried to find me a job (thanks alot dude...) and sent me an address to send my CV, now that's what I call a friend... thanks alot dude... and thanks Tasha for letting me ate 2 plate of Rib eye with cheesed mashed potato with this lamb kebab-styled meat... arrghhh, I'm full... :D

Seeyah in our funny lives...


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Monday, March 19, 2007
Angry? Mad? nope, just plain bored... -_-


Wow, it's been a pretty weird week I'd say... there's ups and downs happened... I got like this mental breakdown from not getting a job yet... arrhghghh, it's so f***in frustrating!!! (I know my sister's gonna leave a comment on this one...) Well I'm almost at the part where I'll take any kind of job, anywhere... damn it, it's just so completely boring with nothing to do... well I do learned more about CSS, and... that's it!!! that's all I've studied!!! but I've got plans to do now, I'm back on track and thanks a lot to these people that's close to me and have been talked all the crap out of me... from the big things to the small things...

It's funny when you're unemployed looking for a job, and you watched "Harsh Time", it's a movie with Christian Bale in it... it's sooooo a wrong movie to watch when you're in my position, eehheheee :p but I'd watch that movie again rather than Jackass no.2... f***!!! I used to watch the first movie everytime before I went playing skateboard... It really makes you won't feel much pain compared to what those people did... but this second movie's waaayyyy too gnarly for me... f***, it's just so f***in crazy!!!!! I dunno how many times I went like "F***!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY THE HELL DID THEY DO THAT?!??!!?!??!?! IT'S HIS OWN D***!!!" that's just plain crazyness man...

Ever been backstabbed by your own friend? Wether it's about money, jobs, or even girls? well I get that alot on my school days, so I hated people that's been doing that... you betrayed your own friend to just get something like that? if you ever did that, better not let me know... coz I'll look at you differently, and if I saw you while I'm holding my skateboard, I'll crack your bitch ass head open with the truck on my board... coz if I become friends with you, I dunno what the f*** are you gonna take from me... my money? job? my girl?? now that's just f***ed up, so just stay away from me if you don't wanna feel the worst sarcasm nightmare in your life... there's a code when you become friends, and that included "not backstabbing your own damn friend!!!" When you don't realize things like that, then you're lower than an eel on the bottom of the sea looking for a food... and fuck you, ahahahaaa!!!

I've done my time hating people... well not from the old days, but maybe it's right when this person told me that I always hold a grudge against someone... I guess it's right coz it took me some time to forgive someone, hell I even hated someone from college... eventhough the mess he made was already done like 2 years ago, ahahahaa... so for someone having a beef with me, well it's your own damn fault mothaf***ah... >:) and I don't even give a f***!!! ahahahaa, I'm living my life truthfully no matter how f***in sucks it became, no matter how many mistakes I made... coz you know... shit does happens!!!

I remembered back in the days when I really hated someone/thing I'll just listen to this eminem song "just don't give a fuck". Coz it really makes you do shit for your own damn self, no matter what the rest of the whole world think about it... so if you're hating something/one right now, come on everyone just sing along with me.....

[Intro: Frogg]

A get your hands in the air, and get to clappin 'em
and like, back and forth because ah
this is.. what you thought it wasn't
It beez.. the brothers representin' the Dirty Dozen

I be the F-R-O the double G *coughing in background*
And check out the man he goes by the name of er...

[Verse One: Eminem]

Slim Shady, brain dead like Jim Brady
I'm a M80, you Lil' like that Kim lady
I'm buzzin, Dirty Dozen, naughty rotten rhymer
Cursin at you players worse than Marty Schottenheimer
You wacker than the motherfucker you bit your style from
You ain't gonna sell two copies if you press a double album

Admit it, fuck it, while we comin out in the open
I'm doin acid, crack, smack, coke and smokin dope then
My name is Marshall Mathers, I'm an alcoholic (Hi Marshall)
I have a disease and they don't know what to call it
Better hide your wallet cause I'm comin up quick to strip your cash
Bought a ticket to your concert just to come and whip your ass
Bitch, I'm comin out swingin, so fast it'll make your eyes spin
You gettin knocked the fuck out like Mike Tyson
The +Proof+ is in the puddin, just ask the Deshaun Holton
I'll slit your motherfuckin throat worse than Ron Goldman


So when you see me on your block with two glocks
Screamin _Fuck the World_ like Tupac
I just don't give a fuck!!
Talkin that shit behind my back, dirty mackin
tellin your boys that I'm on crack
I just don't give a fuck!!
So put my tape back on the rack
Go run and tell your friends my shit is wack

I just don't give a fuck!!
But see me on the street and duck
Cause you gon' get stuck, stoned, and snuffed
Cause I just don't give a fuck!!

[Verse Two: Eminem]

I'm Nicer than Pete, but I'm on a Search to crush a Miilkbone
I'm Everlast-ing, I melt Vanilla Ice like silicone
I'm ill enough to just straight up diss you for no reason
I'm colder than snow season when it's twenty below freezin

Flavor with no seasonin, this is the sneak preview
I'll diss your magazine and still won't get a weak review
I'll make your freak leave you, smell the Folgers crystals
This is a lyrical combat, gentlemen hold your pistols
But I form like Voltron and blast you with my shoulder missiles
Slim Shady, Eminem was the old initials (Bye-bye!)
Extortion, snortin, supportin abortion
Pathological liar, blowin shit out of proportion
The looniest, zaniest, spontaneous, sporadic
Impulsive thinker, compulsive drinker, addict
Half animal, half man

Dumpin your dead body inside of a fuckin trash can
With more holes than an Afghan


[Verse Three: Eminem]

Somebody let me out this limousine (hey, let me out!)
I'm a caged demon, on stage screamin like Rage Against the Machine
I'm convinced I'm a fiend, shootin up while this record is spinnin
Clinically brain dead, I don't need a second opinion

Fuck droppin the jewel, I'm flippin the sacred treasure
I'll bite your motherfuckin style, just to make it fresher
I can't take the pressure, I'm sick of bitches
Sick of naggin bosses bitchin while I'm washin dishes
In school I never said much, too busy havin a headrush
Doin too much rush had my face flushed like red blush
Then I went to Jim Beam, that's when my face grayed
Went to gym in eighth grade, raped the women's swim team
Don't take me for a joke I'm no comedian
Too many mental problems got me snortin coke and smokin weed again
I'm goin up over the curb, drivin on the median

Finally made it home, but I don't got the key to get in


[Outro: Eminem]

Hey, fuck that!
Pace One..
Young Zee..

ahahahaa, sorry if this post was kinda weird coz I wrote this when I'm really in a messed up mood, and just needed to yell a bit... :p but I'm okay now, just look at the next post, it's back to like how it used to... and if you read this post and felt offended with the content, fuck you again!!! ahahahaa, yell at me, say I'm phony and shit, but like eminem said... I just don't give a fuuuck!!! >:) so peace y'all...

And seeyah in our funny lives...

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Monday, March 12, 2007
This weekend
This weekend I went to my campus (again) to copy stuff out from my friends... I'm still kinda pissed coz of my messed up PC back at home, but thankfully I could borrow Kevin's IDE to USB cable so I could use my HDD at my laptop, and here I am writing all this crap from my lovely laptop... aahahaha... after copying all those stuff we went sightseeing at Taman Anggrek Mall, and just walking around looking around searching for some goodies tobe looked at (from those words y'll should realized that I'm trying to say that we're all broke as hell... :p) But we met at some old college friends there, gloria, christine, triviana, and their whole gang... ahahahaa, kinda missed them eventhough we're not that close at college.

Anyway thanks to Linda for buying me a copy of Civil War #7... :p I know she'd be angry when she read this (she hated too much 'thanks') well, it's your fault though... actually it's not, it's that bastard's fault, ahahahahaaaa... wth,enough with that useless stuff.

Funny stuff was when I already got off Kevin's car at Semanggi, I realized that the comic's left behind the headrest... so I called them right away and told them to pull over at Planet Hollywood. Then I rushed them with a bus, and took the book, ahauhauhauaaaaa...

Oww, and from the stuff I asked Linda to download from her office I just realized there's this old video clip from Extreme - Stop The World. Damn I really missed that song, surely brings me back to my old dayz... well i first heard and understands their song when I'm at junior high, but still it's a great song... reminds me of my old dreams to become a musician :)) I still listening to this song even at this time right now!!! here's the lyrics, Extreme - Stop The World...

All the world's
a masquerade
made up of fools
and philosophers
Were it to rain
on our charade,
all washes away,
except for our true colors

If any people bothered
looking for truth, please,
from spinning 'round
instead we choose to follow
footsteps of fools, please
from spinning 'round
If nothing's new under the sun
for me and you
Won't somebody please...


If we forget
We're bound to repeat it
It's not too late
to start today,
Better off safe,
than sorry

Do unto those as you would
do to yourselves, please,
from spinning 'round
We need more feet to walk
in one another's shoes, please

from spinning 'round
There's nothing new
under the sun
for me and you,
Won't somebody please...

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Farewell Pierre...
Man, I 've got some of my friends got chicken pocks this past weeks, at first I just laughed at them coz I already got it some years ago... but now I hate it coz that virus made my highschool friend Pierre gotta stay at the hospital for like 13 days!!! and because of that we only could hang out for this one night before the day he took off back to where he stays right now... Ow, and he stays at Venezuela right now, and gonna head back to stay here again in like 3 or 4 years... damn I miss him... so last tuesday we met at Kemang food fest with other friends from Highschool like Athpal, Ega, Rendy, and Dinand... we talked about a bunch of stupid stuff and of course they make fun of me a lot coz of the gossip that fery spread out about me being unemployed and stressed out at home doing nothing... well make fun all you want dudes, coz here I am being casual as ever so the joke's on you all ignorant bastards!!! ahahahahaa... well at the picture I was just holding the beer glass, I didn't drink it, I swear!!! :p anyway I really missed them all, we used to hang out till late night and talked about stuff, which most of them are musics, and skateboard... well the next day Pierre's gotta go back... I really pissed coz we only get to meet for a very short time, while there's still a bunch of stuff I wanna talked about with him...Well my friend, we'll talk later on with messenger a'ight??? take care there buddy... surely gonna miss you, but I'm totally glad that there's no drastic changes from you... you're still the old you and don't even mix that Spanish accent with your Indonesian, ahahahahaa... Peace!!!

And thanks again for teaching me a little bit of Spanish dude...

"Tal vez nos veremos en el futuro, pero ahora vamos a seguir con nuestras vidas..."

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Sunday, March 4, 2007
Another elementary reunion...
Wheew... I got the luckiness of having my elementary school friends could be reached so easily... so we gather around this sunday... well only 7 of us who shows up but that's much knowing there's only around 30 of us in that one class... there's me, Sandi, Togu, Ika, Dyah, Nia, and Chika... so everyone that came this time, well I already familiar with... except for Ika and Chika... I haven't heard from Ika for so long, but chika I already talked through messenger a lot. Man, I still can't forget when she's done watching/covering Muse concert, she can't stop babbling about it until 3 in the morning!!! I just came back at 1, and when I'm about to go to sleep, she called me and just can't stop talking... arrgrhhhh, but it's okay though... She promised to treat me for a meal after all the trouble she gave me... :p j/k girl... well but she does bring our 3rd grade class photo, and that's a weird one to look at coz I looked sooooooooooooooo different with I am right now... and there's a couple person that I forgot!!! Damn it, who's Rini??!?!? Still can't remember her... anyway we talked alot with each other, and finally the girls are going to look around to find some stuff to buy... I'm single dammit, I'm not suppose to walk around waiting for a girl to shop... that's a couple thing... but it's alright coz I could talk a little with togu, and funny stuff when I said those thing about doing this is a couple thing, he replied with "Who knows if one of this girls is going to be your girlfriend..." and I went like "WTH do you mean with that dude?!?!?!" ahahahaaa, well he is right... who knows? ahahahaahaaa then we both laughed out loud... :p
Well it's a long day, and I know that on the next reunion Togu and MC's going to yell at me, coz on the previous one I went home with one girl (Nevie), and this time I go home with two (Nia and Chika) ahahahaaa, come on man... I only dropped Chika at The Sultan coz she wanna go watch Jamie Cullum at Java Jazz, and Nia's home was really close to me, so before you both yell at me, just gimme a break will ya? :p anyway..... it was fun y'all... hope to see you all again soon...
Sorry chik, gotta put this pic for the finale coz I looked best at this one, and I don't have the heart to crop your face off the picture, ahahahaaaaa..... ^^V

Seeyah in our funny lives y'all...


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Saturday, March 3, 2007
Ocean Park
This is it... this maybe the last long trip that I could've done with my college friends, but hey... we're going to the Ocean Park to swim baby!!! I went with my friends... Kevin, Faris, Gilang, Adyt, Ricko, and Rimbo... we met at our lovely but starting-to-get-me-boring campus... there is some kinda bad signs today coz it's been raining like crazy since before noon, but that won't stop us!!! as an old song said... "we're not gonna take it!!!!!" and so we finally started our trip for the day... it's a really long way to get there, but we finally could get some fun... at first it was just the 7 of us, but then more people shows up... at first we were so excited with the place, but after we went on the waterslides and other places we started to feel kinda bored, coz it didn't have so much ride as we expected... and most of them are for kids!!! well we totally acted like a little kid that time... okay, we do often act like a kid everyday... but it may be for the last time we could have that kinda fun, ahahahaaaa... there's a whole bunch of funny things that day, I can't even mention it all... I got the pictures (which I'll share some here) and some videos (which you gotta ask me personally to get...) that'll make you ROFL!!! I swear!!!!! there's Rimbo with his G-String, ahahahahaa j/k bro... and adyt who couldn't swim and he's so big he needs to find a stairs to get out of the pool :)) j/k again man...
Well, we make some of the nastiest picture that we could think of... :p but I can't get on some of the picture coz I'm like the cameraman there... :( but I liked it coz I could save more memories about these ignorant fools... :D so after that and a couple of winks to some of the pretty ladies out there :p we got out from the place and talked about what're we gonna do next... like where to eat and stuff, ahahaa... then we finally decide to go back to campus and just eat there, but after a few miles on the highway Ricko's car started to throw smokes out... so we pull over and checking out what's wrong... we pull over for about more than 1/2 hour... and finally Ricko decide to go home with Rimbo accompanies... but standing on the side of a highway at night time like that really makes my body feels unwell instantly, but thankfully I'm fine... actually, I'm Legendary!!! ahahaaaa... after that we went to campus and eat, and finally we decide to go home and take a rest... oh, except for adyt who decide to play at a gamecenter til morning with Ricko and Rimbo... I don't know where they got the power to do that from... so the rest of us are still going home... it's really a tiring day but it was worth it... and it was fun!!!!! I'll miss you all guys...

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Friday, March 2, 2007
Song for Love by Extreme
God, I just got this old song by "Extreme"... I used to love this song so much, I repeat it on my tape for the whole day... ahahahaaa, and I could play the whole both lead and rythm guitar part... I always wanted to try and play this song with a real band, but all the songs they know from Extreme were just 'More Than Words'... that sucks coz I know that many of their other songs were also really good... but whatever, I just loved this song so much, I already listen to it for like 10 times now, ahahahaaa... here's the lyrics for 'Song for Love' by "Extreme"

Song For Love
I lie awake with open eyes
My love just died
Im cold inside
Cant face the thought to be alone
All by myself on my own
Loves come and gone

I look around and see
The hearts that still are broken
I cant believe all of our hearts remain unopened
We cant go go on and on
Wit that same old song
So wipe off the frown
And turn around and face each other
Come on, come on
Lets sing a song

A song for you, a song for me, a song for love

All for one and one for all together
Singing a song for love
You and I are none without the other
Singing a song for love

You let the time pass by
Big boys dont cry
Believe that lie
A broken heart that never mends
Is this the end
Listen my friend

These walls of hate
That separate on from the other
Time to rebuild bridges of love
One to another
Come on, come on
Lets sing a song

A song for you, a song for me, a song for love

All for one and one for all together
Singing a song for love
You and I are none without the other
Singing a song for love

The beat maybe sounded unusual for some people, but just try to hear it... it's just so good...

Seeyah in our funny lives...


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Thursday, March 1, 2007
Still with the old days.....
You know why I love to talk, write, or remembering the past? coz that's what I loved to do the most when I'm feeling down... I don't need to think about my future just for a while... but I ain't really that down though, I just wanna write all the things that I've done in my past, so that I won't forget what makes me becoming what I am today... oh, and I also liked it coz I looked better at the past, you know? ahahaha :p so here's what I'm into in my whole live... hobbies, sports, dreams, or anything...

The first sports club I ever joined was Baseball, why you asked? coz my father used to be a baseball/softball player, and so there I go joining the club with my parent's encouragement... and both my sisters are in the club also, ahahaa... my favorite times were when I played at the Jakarta Youth Baseball Association (hope it's right...) competition which was being held at Jakarta International School... I get to know a lot of people, which I doubt they liked me at that time... hell they're all foreigners... maybe that's why my english are always good eventhough I never took any english courses here, I didn't talked much but I do understand what they were saying to me... so at that time, everything was pretty much a yes/no question for me, ahahaha... anyway, our team "Twins" ended up almost at the bottom of the league table, and that makes me think is that my fault? coz I'm not goot enough? If I'm a better slugger would I be able to gave the team more win? my father told me that it's a team sport, and it's never an individual's fault... yeah I realized that coz there's actually a lot of good players on the team, like my coach's son... but hey... shit happens... (this is the first time I actually learned that word) hahahaha...

A little after that I joined a Tae Kwon Do club... it's a tough one to follow, coz seriously I'm such a crybaby at that time, and I gotta do pushups with my fist at the asphalted road... damn that's hard... but somehow I'm able to endure it until I got a green belt with blue stripes... how good is that? well with 3 more tests I'll get a red belt, and red's the belt before Black Belt... ahahahaaa... too bad I ditched them because I moved from my home at that time...

At junior high, I'm more into basketball... I joined a club with a couple of my friends... the club's name was "Cougar"... well it's a pretty good team, but I'm always at the bench that time... maybe that's why it was good, ehehehee... but at the end of my Junior high times, I'm getting more feelings into soccer...

Playing soccer was hard at first, but finally I know what I'm good at... being a goalkeeper... yup, that's it... I'm not afraid to fall down and I could get up quickly after I fall... and as I said at my previous post, at my 2nd year we reached the finals baby!!! and only lost to one of the best class in the school that year... ahahahaa, I remember this one time on the court while my opponents are pretty weak and I don't have much to do as a goalkeeper, so I started doing silly stuff like dancing, pushups, laying down, I even do "the worm" ahahahaa, and the crowd was just laughing like out loud... they're yelling like crazy at me... even some of the cute seniors... *oops...* I gotta admit that I loved being the center of attention of a crowd... but with that kind of stupid stuff I did, I don't even know why I could still get a girlfriend at highschool... ahahahaaaa... and I even got 3!!! well, maybe it's just my luck at the time... ^^

Still around my second year at high school, I get more attention on skateboarding... I liked it coz I played Tony Hawk Pro Skater a lot since I got my playstation, and the videos at that game was so tight!!! so at 1st year in highschool I could try the real one for the first time... and eventually build up my interest at it... and so I hang out with people that loved playing skateboard at that time, and I could do nothing... ahahahaa, it's rough at first but after a lot of practicing I finally could do some stuff that made my friends goes WTF?!?!?!?!?! that's so friggin sweet dude!!! ahahaaa... this is my favorite from all of my hobbies in my life... I love the adrenaline rush when I falls down, and the thrills after able to land a trick... man, it's just too sweet for words..... and here's what common people will never understand... "Skateboarding is not as easy as it looked like...) I mean I twisted my ankle for God knows how many time... and it hurts like hell!!! I can't walk around, gotta go to school or campus limping... but well, for the breeze of air when I'm riding my board... I don't mind hurting my ankle again... and I miss all of my skating friends... my ignorant, selfish, don't give a damn about the world skating friends... we used to do some of the most foolish, stupid, and won't make sense for normal people kind of stuff... we make fun of some homeless who just passed us by, we'd spit at each other just for the heck of it(I never did that though, I swear!!!), stay up late to play skate at the park, talked about music and skateboard for the whole day... and I almost went on a competition if it wasn't for my lack of confident at that time, hell I even dreamed of being a professional Skateboarder at that time, ahahahaha... man I missed those days alot............. oh, and what I most proud of is that I'm the chairman of the Skateboard Club at high school... seriously!!! I made the proposal with some of my friends and made that principal sign the proposal and approve it!!!!! ahahahahaaaa, damn I was soooo sneeakyy...!!!!!

I started music since my elementary years when my parents finally bought me a guitar... and finally took a course at Yamaha music school... I regret that I leave the school coz just with around 3 or 4 more exams, I could already apply to teach there... so by the time I reached high school I could've already teaching classic guitar at Yamaha music school... but yeah I leave the school coz my old teacher's moving to other music school, and just couldn't do it that good with the new one. So I only used my limited guitar skills to play at a band with my friends... at least I get to play at my Junior high farewell party, playing "That thing you do"... and I played at my high school prom night playing a song by this Indonesian band /rif (I forgot the title), and some other small stages being held at some other school... we're Rage Against the Machine songs specialist, but I loved this one time when there's this show at our school we should be able to play our normal RATM songs, but the time's kinda limited so we only played this one song "Self Worth" by At the Drive-in (I think...) but the song's really short (just about a little more than 1 minute...), and maybe that kinda pictured our rebellious attitude. So we'd just rocked the stage for almost 2 minutes, and just stopped then went down from the stage just like that... I mean, it's kinda cool in a way... ahhaahhaaa...

More around my high school years I get to know more about computer games... and I'm so hooked on Counter Strike... thanks for my sister for encouraging me to try and play the game... well from that moment, I think I already posted it here before that I get to know a lot of great people and get a part time job from my friend/elder Tommy... ahahhaahaaa...

And here's what I used to think about after I graduated from college, posted on my old friendster blog... :
"huaahhhhh... graduation's done... what to do now??? actually, almost all my life, all i wanna do is to make people around me laugh... so, honestly? i wanna be a comedian... stand-up comedian, kekekekeee... but not here... not in the country where anything a bit offensive could put you in jail... got a plan started in europe, maybe holland so i could stay with my relatives... my cousin there already said there's a good comedy club there, maybe where i could start, if it's any good maybe it'd lead to a better gig... then who knows? appears on TV? my own one hour show in some place? (i'll name the show "Arnoza, I'm Indonesian! invade US!!!" of course the material supports the title... ^^) what else after that?? can i go to california? if i can, then what? gig at Tonight Show, where i'll meet Jay Leno? going on tour with Larry the cable guy? Chris Rock? Cedric the entertainer? Steve Harvey? meets comedians like Jerry Seinfeld? Ellen DeGeneres? Eddie Griffin? Roseanne Barr? or even Eddie Murphy??? then release my own book? get a two hour special on HBO? gets an american comedy award?? then appears on some movies? then leads to some oscar nominated movies? and win it like other comedians such as Robin Williams and Jamie Foxx did???
well, dream on dude... currently i graduated for Computer Science... soo, the joke's all on me... im' an unemployed programmer now... all i do now is eat, sleep, or watching movies... currently i'm watching Eddie Murphy's old show, RAW............................... that d*%^head.....
kekekekekeeee..... life's tough... LIVE IT!!!
and while you're living on it... got any job for me??? ahahahahaa... ^^V"

Maybe that's about it... if there's anything that I left behind, maybe I'll make a new post about it later on... and this is pretty much all of the things that made me like now, I never regret any of them... it's just a little reminder for me so that I could remember the old days without having to think so hard about it... and to remind me not to do the same mistakes I ever did in my past... soo if there's anyone trying to read this, well don't bother... I know it's a long&boring post so I'm posting it just for myself...

Seeyah in our outrageously funny lives...

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Still a little about the past, written in the future...
March 8th 2007

Okay, now I understand why I reserved this space before without writing anything in it... it's for today, when my current PC's need some hardware replacements, I need to write something here that I was suppose to write before, but too afraid that I'll get too emotional at that time... it's still about the past but really it's nothing...

I've liked girls since like I could remember... when I was at kindergarten I remember I used to like this girl named Anindita ahahaha... she's tall and pretty as I recall... but it's kindergarten for God's sake, I can't even spell 'love' yet... well I could, but you know what I mean... then off to the elementary when I met this girls that I also liked a lot... so for almost the whole 6 years I've been liking this girl, except when I liked this other sweet girl... so that makes me rejected twice at elementary. Well you can't call it rejected but when I liked them and they know that I liked them and they won't respond to me... then I've been rejected... coz normally when girls responded well, then they'd give us hope... a little light that shows that maybe she could liked us... I already figure this out since elementary... (hints...)

Then it was around the end of my junior high years... I got like 4 close friends which is all girls, and they called me 'abang' (it's Indonesian for big brother) well, started with this one girl that I used to like but hey! I felt a lot better just by talking with her at school, and almost everyday through the phone... when I didn't call, she'll call me... but we're totally just friends, and then these couple of other girls came out and started to get into my life... talked a lot to them also, and realized that there's a lot of kind of people and lives in this world... but remember, they're still just friends... they know the limits and I know that also. I always do my best to help them when I could, and God knows how many time they've been there for me at that time... I mean, it's funny that I'm like their big brother but ended up always having them talked me out what's right or wrong, ahahahaaa silly me... but with all that, I also get rejected by 2 girls at junior high years...

At high school I still keep in touch with most of those 4 girls, but eventually time kills it all... I only still keep in touch with one, and the one whose come to the same school as I am... but high school's so much fun... I get to know a lot of good friends and of course girls... I had 3 girlfriends at that time (which I already mentioned somewhere in this blog), and they're all beautiful and nice girl... well everyone have pasts, but it'll never go... so might as well just spread it out like peanut butter on a bread right? I leave the past and move on forward, especially when I had my dreams to fulfill... and for the girls that ever liked or even loved me, I just wanted them to be happy... even if it's with or without me... that's what's never change from me, and I'll never will... even if sometimes I jump to my own conclusion and make my own decision, but I knew that that decision is for the best for both of us... but when one of this girls made their own conclusion and/or mistakes, well she gotta take the responsibilities... I'm always total when it comes to girlfriends, but if she took it for granted, then who knows what kind of action that I'm gonna do...

So I just wanna say, with all my experiences with girls rejecting, accepting, using me, and loving me... it's just a darn shame when someone told me that I don't know a thing about girls... that I can't tell the difference between friends and lovers... that I can't tell what's right and wrong when it comes to love thing... it's fine by me when a girl rejected me, but at least she could give me hints, or anything... just like those who rejected me before. I knew that they'll rejected me, but I'm such a thickheaded dude that won't take no for an answer that time, but now I'm different... When a girl rejected me, then I'll move on... so as the words of my friend Pierre would say...

"Tal vez nos veremos en el futuro, pero ahora vamos a seguir con nuestras vidas..."

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Isn't live feels better with those three elements?
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