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Friday, June 29, 2007
Now, here's the story when I went to other province in my country, it's just an island away and it's just a half hour plane apart from my home... but... well... just read the story, okay? :p

Day 1 (Tuesday)

Just alright, Arrived at the airport safely and felt that Banjarmasin is a hot city, not much different with Jakarta... I thought this city ain't that bad... I get to go eat at a place beside this river where the water's only inches from the floor... it's a pretty place overall, and it's a fun day...

Day 2 (Wednesday)

Started to feel the weight of this job coz the customers wants me to stay until saturday while I was supposed to stay only until Friday... and my sales also wants me to stay until saturday... I'm like "dude!! it ain't got nothing to do with me, it's the billing system guy's job..." but I'm a little relieved with the fact that I could connect 2 pabx via VOIP with only little mistake, ehehhee... but that ain't my main job... my main job's the installation on this new opening Hotel, and things are just starting to build up on this site...

My room

Day 3 (Thursday)

My salesperson went home to Jakarta today, so I'm stuck in this room alone writing this and watching movies I downloaded before I go here and listening to some musics... got a lot of $#!7 to do tomorrow... if my salesman gets a bonus from this project and didn't share it with me..... well... there's nothing that I could do then... Like I'd care... I'm done here as soon as I get a better job... a job that'll at least pay me for staying up until 3AM for doing something... I'm through here... I mean, I still could learn tons of stuff here, but I felt my own insecurity here, and I have my own targets, I have my own dreams... I can't get it here... this is just my first step... I'm gonna be huge... I'm gonna be a man that everyone who knows me could be proud of... ahahahaa... hope it'll came true... not just stuff that comes out from my mouth while I got lonely out here...

Day 4 (Friday)

My face at that morning, can't even smile...

It's a fine day, I get yelled at by one of the customers here, but I don't care coz it's not my fault... it's the sales division's fault, and I can't do anything else down here, so don't blame me for anything if my company name's messed up... well I'm going home tomorrow, but I just gotta do something at the hotel I'm working on... as soon as it's done, I'm gone... maybe find something for everyone back at Jakarta if I got the time... but we'll see tomorrow... now I just wanna watch my stand-up comedy collection, and lay back.....

Day 5 (Saturday)

I got a lot of stuff to do today, but it doesn't matter... all I gotta do is finish it all and then I'm off... I waited for all the stuff I needed to come from Jakarta coz without that I can't do anything. So before those stuff arrived, I walked around the hotel which is under construction and look around the rooms that I linked the telephone line just to know what is it looked like... it looked okay but I don't really care... coz I'm going homee!!! after that I went to buy some stuff for people at Jakarta then went straight to the airport which is crappy just so you know... and people said that the airport at Timika is even worse... Please God don't let my company sell Alcatel stuff out there.

Fooling around with the security's new stuff

Chain of fools... :p

Anyway the plane's delayed for about 1 hour and I'm stuck on the airport with my low-bat cellphone doing nothing. After that the gate for the plane's opened and I went to the bus that'll bring me to the plane and then I'm off... Goodbye Banjarmasin... maybe I won't coming back, but I think I'll be coming back for some late maintenance at the hotel.

Me at the front desk of the hotel

Where&what I'm working on...

Mr.Arif and Mr.Safari who stays at the same place with me
thx alot y'all...

At the hotel's ballroom

Goodbye Banjarmasin

Then I arrived at Jakarta safely after alot of bumps at the plane while flying :p and went straight to the bus that'll take me close to my home... thankfully I got the bus right away and arrived quickly at home... after I got home and say hi to my family, I went out again to see other person that I really missed... it's a good day overall, and I could sleep at my bed at home!!!!! ahahahhaaaa!!!!!

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Monday, June 18, 2007
I'm off...
Hi all, it's a normal day in the office, but tomorrow I'm going to Banjarmasin for a few days... that's South Kalimantan if you don't know... :p I gotta set up a PABX on a hotel there... a hotel!!! HOTEL!!!!! I mean, it's okay if it's just an office or something like it, but it's a friggin hotel... even my boss never installed a hotel, but it's a damn challenge alright, and I gotta deal with it...

Well I wanna finish the job as fast as I can, but I'm just a trainee, still on probation, and I'm being given a task this hard, and to top it off, the task is located on a different island from my home/office... what if $#!7 does happens and I got no one to consult about the problems I may find on the installation?

There's nothing I can do... just use all the documentation that I got, all the backup files, load it, and re-read it again, and just call my boss to get a clue which I can't do often coz it's expensive to call from there...

Just wish me luck, okay fellas? I'm off.....!!!

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Saturday, June 16, 2007
It's been a while since I put a song that I'm hearing currently... I heard this song when I'm watching Oakley's video "Our Life". The ending part was playing this song... it's a really old song from The Faces - Ooh La La...

Poor old Granddad
I laughed at all his words
I thought he was a bitter man
He spoke of women's ways

"They'll trap you, then they use you
Before you even know
For love is blind and you're far too kind
Don't ever let it show"

I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger.
I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger.

The Can Can's such a pretty show
They'll steal your heart away
But backstage, back on earth again
The dressing rooms are grey

They come on strong and it ain't too long
Before they make you feel a man
But love is blind and you soon will find
You're just a boy again

When you want her lips, you get a cheek
Makes you wonder where you are
If you want some more and she's fast asleep
Then she's twinkling with the stars.

"Poor young grandson, there's nothing I can say
You'll have to learn, just like me
And that's the hardest way
Ooh la la"

I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger.
I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Chocolate Factory...
Okay, sorry for the delays, but here's the story when I went to a chocolate factory... mmmm..... I know it may sounded yummy, and chocolate gooey stuff covering your face in a charlie and his chocolate factory kinda way... but noooo... this is I'm coming to set your phone system's pabx and access point for mobile telephone trip kinda way... I'm there to install their phone system, and now's the time to survey the place, finding the right spot to put the access point so it'll cover all of the area on that factory... I could see piles and boxes of chocolate brand on the warehouse, but I can't touch it... :(( damn you!!!!! I only could smelled the scent of those chocolate, milk, cocoa, and... hmmm..... and it's a factory, so it's so damn hot inside... and I gotta wear this dress to go in, and this shower cap... and I gotta cover my shoes with this plastic thingy... well, it's a chocolate factory alright... I don't wanna buy Silver Queen and finds a little hair inside the package, and that's what they tried to prevent.
Before we came in to this room, we gotta double our plastic shoes and wash our hand like a doctor before operation... after that, we gotta go through this automatic sliding door, then the door would closed, and we gotta face to the side where this wind would blow to clean us out... damn, I feel like an astronaut just got back to earth, and they're cleaning me up from this cosmic trashes and stuff... man, it's so funny to wear these dresses... I'm there with my friend Johnson who looks like a pretty cool dude, but in these clothes, he looked like an old nanny... =)) no offense dude, just kidding... ehehehee :p
Well, it's a pretty nice place, I just hated the fact that after that I gotta stay there until 3 AM in the morning to set things up, and I gotta be at my office again by the morning... damn.....
Chocolate Ice Cream Coating... mmmm.......

Well, that's all about the trip kids, hope now you all learned a little about the factory that made those chocolate that you secretly ate behind your mom's back... :p

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Saturday, June 9, 2007
My friend...
A story from my friend... moments ago he talked to me...

"I cried this morning....... I've been holding it for so long... it's just too damn hard, man... It's just that... here's how it goes... I think of this a few days ago. It was a holiday when I was alone on this mall, shopping, buying some stuff for my daily needs, then I ran into this girl who went to the same highschool with me, and we were talking a bit until she asked 'so you're alone?' I'm like 'yeah, just trying to kill some spare time I got...' then she goes 'where's your girlfriend?' then I think at myself and said 'yeah... where's my girlfriend?'
Dude, I ain't care about what others think, but I really needed her right now... it's killing me man... that's the main reason why I always looked for a girlfriend, coz I thought I could see her when I wanted... well, maybe not all the time but at least after our long days of work, we could see each other, talked about everything, maybe watched a movie, or even just to do some window shopping... But no... I can't do that... she's way too busy, and at the end, it's me who have to get back and make way for all the things that came our way...
Why I cried you ask? see, I tend to predict things based on my experience and other sources in my life... from that I could make a conclusion on how things may ended up... heck, call me a futurist if you want. And from this situation, I could predict that this won't last long... I won't be able to handle it, and we're gonna end up apart... eventually one of us will get sick of it and will took a step away...
And today I couldn't meet her again, it's killing me... I dunno where to go again, or what the hell should I do... I'm ached... I'm tired... and that's why..... I cried this morning............."

He start and ended his story with the same sentence..... it's just that... I felt... when he told the... I think that if....... aawwww, fuck it.....

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Sunday, June 3, 2007
Is it okay?
I was just wondering, is it okay leaving your heart aching? questioning things that you should never asked? keep on hiding it just to makes things right? is it really for the best? or would it ended up like it always did? tragically?

I'll never know what the future holds... and I surely don't know how long could I endure this... but for the sake of the person I loved, and for the sake of my own feelings, I'll stand as hard as a rock. don't care what'd come hit and hurt me out/inside,I'll stand for as long as I can...

But even a rock could fall or break... would it be broken before the time? Could I stand it until my dreams are fulfilled? No one knows... we'll just see the end of it, when I post it down here...

Good night y'all...

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Saturday, June 2, 2007
When things went wrong
When things went wrong, we could only imagine... "why?" well that's just how life are supposed to be, right? I'm having those kind of things happened to myself lately... but it's just me acting like a baby out here... there's a little much problems at work lately, but today I could at least get those stuff out of my chest for a while and rest for tonight and tomorrow...
Still at my office now, just laying back for a while, listening to my musics, writing this blog, and this secretary won't stop talking!!! arrghhhh!!! damn it woman! gimme a break for a while would ya?? well, let's just rest today, hope everything went well if I do went out with my girl tonight...
That's it, not much for this post... next time I'll talk about the time I went to the chocolate factory... that's right!!! I went to a chocolate factory!!!!! aahahahaha, so stay tuned, my beloved loyal readers... love you all...

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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