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Saturday, September 29, 2007
It's Saturday now, but I'm at the office now writing my blog heehee... :p I'm here until 1, and after that I'm going home to take a rest... After that, I'm off to take my girl out... We meet quite often this week, that's good... really good!!! Thank you God for giving us the chance... :)

Let's see, where are we gonna go today? I want to go to get my comics (and hers too), and then I'm gonna take her to eat at this nice place with delicious chocolate that mmm..... it's sooo..... =P~ And I know she loved chocolate (same here ^^) and hope she'll like it... Wanna show her / take her do all of this new things that she never did/experienced before, I really hoped she'll like it... :)

I'm still thinking of this choices that I gotta take in my live if things goes well... Maybe it'll happen soon, but am I gonna be able to stand up and say "okay I'll do it!" when the time comes... I don't know... I know it's like a shortcut that I take..... .......Actually it's not a shortcut, I gotta work my ass off to get it and that's exactly what I'm gonna do... Allright then... just wish me luck, I'll tell the complete story if all goes well. So for now, keep on wondering... :p

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
A day off...
I'm taking this day off... well, actually I didn't go to work coz I got an interview today... Well, it goes quite well, and I gotta go to the next test... I hope everything goes well... or am I?

I'm started to think about is it the right choice to take? My father made me think about it a lot... (thanks a lot... -_- ) Makes me think that it's not the right step to take in my life... But maybe I wanna know how far could I go... Even if it means I gotta spend 1-2 years of my life away from the ones I loved... But hey, it's still a long way to go... I still don't even think that I'm gonna get this job... So just keep on thinking that I'm gonna stuck on this lousy job of mine right now until I get a new one... :)

So, maybe I'll just go to bed right now, and pick up my girl this afternoon so we could go out and eat together... I missed her..... Sooo mucchhhh.....

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Still bad mood a bit...
I'm still on a bad mood a little bit... I'm tired... Just wishing for the best in my life... Maybe that's the hardest thing to do when you became a network engineer. Can't figure out your future for sure... Maybe when the company has bigger name or better credibility, but this company sucked!!! The management is trash, and argrrhrhrgr!!!

Maybe people on my room in the office started to realized that I looked down everyday, and has no spirit to do anything. I wanna apologize to my girl if I made her felt useless because of my feelings like this, and no! You're not useless... You always helped me up when I'm down, especially at times like this right now.

It's a pretty hard Ramadhan this year, I gotta admit... So much trouble already hit me hard since the beginning of this month... Let's just hope for the best in our future...

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Monday, September 24, 2007
I'm still sleepy...
Today's ugly, I already walked for like 2 km until this afternoon... I'm so sleepy, thank God I'm taking the day off at this wednesday coz I got this interview at someplace... I don't know what to do now, it's so messed up, I'm out of cash, and arrghrghghrghghh, still messed up inside my head!!!

Still hating this job I had right now, I mean... I do learn a lot here but I just hate the gut out of this company... I've just done an overtime work at saturday and sunday, and not getting paid for it. Well, at least it was supposed to be an open project so I'll get part of the pay. But with this I realized that they'll want me to do this even if it's an open project or the closed one... They won't hesitate to tell me to work outside of my normal time and not paying me...

God, I'm sleepy.....

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Friday, September 21, 2007
A path just opened...
A path that I don't even imagine would opened up at me anytime soon, just started to show a way... Well I think I already post it in her at around my early posts in this blog, but we'll just watch as the time rolls by...
It came so suddenly when I was on the airport at Banjarmasin waiting for my delayed plane to Jakarta... (we'll talk about that later) I was just thinking about when am I gonna get a new job, and I thought that things would show up when you least expected... And just about time I left all those thought about the jobs that I wanted, my cell phone rang and there it goes... My mind went blank... just *poof* and disappeared, yeah exactly just like a magician... I can't think of anything else that time. My friend pass by and I don't even care...
At that time everything I think of for my life until early next year is messed up... But on the other side it's one of the dreams that I had in my life once... I already wrote about what'd happened if this path does opens up fully to me.
And for real, if it does starts to widened up more, I'll get more and more confused... As if it's not enough with all this things right now... I'll wrote more with the progress...

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
This post is for you
I'm writing this so that my girl could read it tomorrow... Coz maybe I won't be able to go online for the next 2 days. I'm going out of town... Well, actually I'm going out of this island (find a few post back to find out where :p ). I know that she's gonna miss me :)) but above that, I'm gonna miss her like crazy for sure...

What am I gonna write next, hmmm... Oh right, There's 3 songs I'm listening right now... The first song is "Kiss the rain" by Billy Myers... She gave that song to me, and I'm suddenly at 1990 at my car heading back home at Bintaro :)) Anyway, it gave such a good nostalgic feelings to me, and it's always perfect to put on any kind of romantic ambiance... Good pick honey :D
The next one is Stevie Wonder's "My cherie amour" I suddenly remembered this song when I watched Saturday Night Live the best of Eddie Murphy... And this part when Stevie's making his special appearance was hilarious, it makes me put it on over and over again, I swear it's funny! And there's this one time I use to sing this for her with my lousy voice :)) off course we laughed, but the point's taken... My feeling's pictured perfectly at that song... :)
The Last but not least is "Make it with you" by bread. I listened this song when I was accompanying my old man watching this music DVD we just bought, and there's this good song that I think I already heard once but can't figure when?!?!?

Each song has the part that I love the most Billy Myers's has the part that says "Kiss the rain, Whenever you need me... Keep in mind, We're under the same sky..."
Stevie's song has the "My cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore, you're the only girl my heart beats for..." Now that's deep... it's a wrap, give this guy a lifetime grammy... ^^
Bread... I still wonder if it's a real name... Wonder bread? :p Anyway the part that I loved the most is "And if you're wondering what this all is leading to..., I want to make it with you..."

Love you honey... Miss you soo muchhh... >:D<

See u in our funny live, dear...

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
St. Anger
Heard that song by Metallica? That's what I felt last night when I was just arrived home and about to take a short nap before picking up my girl who have this stuff with his friends so she's eating there with her friends. Just when I'm about to rest my head, she called me and tell me to bring some band-aid and those first-aid kit... and I'm like WTF?!??! What's wrong? And she said that she fell off the motorcycle she ride with her friend... Ooow yeaahh, just the thing I need... A bad mood all month, and now some stupid jerkoff dumb*%&$ is hurting my girl... I woke up right away, pick up all the first aid kit I could find and went straight to her place...

I don't even wanna imagine what my face looked like when I drive at that time... But as soon as I get there I take her to my car to put on some medicine on her foot which is bleeding, but thank God it's not that big. After it's all done, I take her back to the pizza hut and tell her that I wanna meet the guy who made her like this, and she obviously said no... Coz if she let me see him, the feast's gonna be a fiasco... After she goes in, I go across the street to play some counter-strike and meet my old friends... I'd rather blow other people's head on a game than in real life...

After that, I met with my old friend who worked at the same place with my girl, and talked a bit with him. After that I take my girl home...

I'm still kinda pissed with that dude, I mean come on... If I took your girlfriend on my car, and I got on an accident, won't you be pissed even just for a little? Anyway I don't trust that dude to bring my girl on his motorcycle again EVER!!! Gotta prepare to go home now, Tomorrow's Ramadhan...

Minal Aidin Walfaidzin to everyone... Have a beautiful Ramadhan...

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Runaway from my real life a bit
Okay, let's talk about things that I liked again. In this case, skateboard (again...) and I won't talk about Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, or any of those famous ones. I wanna talk about this dude on the right. His name is Peter Smolik. He's one of the skater that make me really into skateboard, right after Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, and Rodney Mullen. Why suddenly I remembered about him? Coz I just downloaded this old Shorty's video "fulfill the dream" and that's one of the first skate videos I watched when I was in high school. On that video, the spotlight is obviously on Chad Muska who ended the videos with indeed, a crazy part. But Peter here really catch my eyes on his part right before muska's ending. He made me think that skating like he did is really easy and doable by a normal pair of legs like mine. And for addition, he made it looked cool, I liked that kind of style even before I know about Brandon Bieble.
He's almost like Ronnie Creager but spins a lot more often&faster. That's when I thought that spinning your body along with the board is easy, but nooo, I have to fall and hurt my back a bit to know that I'm not him... ehhehee...
Anyway, I just downloaded a Transworld video called "Let's do this!" And just my luck, Peter's in it... Damn I miss seeing him playing. I thought he's dead or something coz he's nowhere to be found after those Shorty's and Osiris videos. I'm glad that he's alive and still spinning his body along with his board like in the old days. Well, maybe it's not the old him entirely, but it's still him allright. Just wanna say that we all missed you Pete, and hoping to see more of your video/footage soon...

Peter Smolik - Crooked Grind

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Monday, September 10, 2007
After the wedding me, Linda, Dony, Farel, Paru & Dewi went to Ancol... that's like the place in Jakarta where you could see the ocean. We take our suits off and went out on a separated car, and arrived there at about 4 (i guess)... Just in time to walk a bit down the pier to enjoy the sea wind going through our tired-of-day-to-day-job head. And after that we eat at McDonalds and talked about our works, what do we do, and just at the middle of my meal, my phone rang... And the hotel at Banjarmasin called me to complain coz something's wrong with their phone line. But things went right again after I figured out what's wrong, and we continued to talk & sharing ideas...

Whenever I see this pic, I keep on singing
Bohemian Rhapsody in my head :p

We keep on taking pictures until we bored ourself with pictures, especially Dony who became a camera-bitch when it comes to taking picture :p (j/k dude...)
Just a thought to y'all, walking at night at the pier could make you sick the day after. I mean the wind's so could you could probably wore a jacket, but I'm telling you, it won't help much... ^^
And while we sit around the pier at night, suddenly fireworks started to come out... damn, what a day for us... We get to end it with a firework... After that we walked to the beach to seat and drink some coffee, water, tea, etc... and called selo to find out what's he doing that time. Probably gettin' some... ;)) Well we talked abit to him and his girlf.. I mean Wife ;), and after that we all went home...

A little peek at the fireworks we saw

Well, that's it... That's our weekend, always fun with your friends... Gonna miss you all guys. Especially Paru who's going to Australia next week to continue his study, farewell buddy... Wish the best for you... ^^V

Can't make this pic with a cell phone right? :p

Soooo, my girl and I just wanna say good night, and have a lovely week to you all.

Seeyah in our funny lives

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My friend Selooooo!!!
He's getting married, so me and my friends are coming to his wedding party and make a mess there... >:) Now since he never treat us whether it's his birthday or anything, now's payback time... aahaahahaa.....
Now a little story about Mr.Selo Widono... while most of us all born at 1984, this dude born at 1978... He dropped out from his previous campus which is one of the best ones in Indonesia. Well can't complain about that, coz he himself don't give a damn about it... Another addition about him, is that he'll eat any kind of leftover food he finds in the table. I mean it... He'll eat it no matter who's food is that. Does that sounded sexy? >.< Check out selo's blog at it's a pretty fun blog to read if you know him, and if you know Indonesian... hehehee...
I wanna put more pictures here, but I'm often out of the scene, so I'll just put up some of the pictures with me in it... ^^
After the wedding me and some of my buddies and my girl go out to hang out... we haven't done that in a while, but that's for another post... check out the post above this one... :p

The married boy ^^

As for the wedded one, have a wonderful life dude... lot's of money, lot's of kids, but the most important thing is, live happily ever after...

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Friday, September 7, 2007
Normal day... least until now... it's a pretty normal day. My grandma celebrate her 82nd birthday now, yaayyyy... <):D So tonight there's gonna be a lot of food... damn... And tomorrow's another wedding... wheewww, gotta keep my weight from going up man... Should I pick up some ice cream for tonight? hmmm... we'll see later on...

Tomorrow's supposed to be some kinda reunion with my college friends, hehehee... well at least some of them are already dying to know about who's my girl's boyfriend... :)) If only they put a little effort to find her blog, and from there they'll find my blog which is here, and they'll find the picture of me and her together... ;))

I'm so tired... this noon at my friday prayer time, i fell asleep... it's kinda funny coz I don't feel sleepy at all when I'm at the office... and suddenly, zzzZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz........

ahahahaa, see you tomorrow then guys... hope I could post the pictures here ASAP...

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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Thursday, September 6, 2007
The title supposed to be "Sleepy..."...
...but hey, shit does happens and could just flip your monkey ass mood like 180 degree... am I right? You ever heard a news about something so bad, you wanna accidentally make your nose bleed? Seriously, it's so suck, it beats Asia Carerra at 1995 world c#(*-sucking contest... and that makes me wanna changed the title to "Kiss my Armani Ass!!!"

I wrote this blog not only when I'm feeling happy, joyful, and those crap... I wrote it when I want to and on whatever circumstances... no matter how fucked up my feeling is... especially just like right now... I'm so fucked up, that if it's the end of the world and I'm left alone with a goat, I won't fuck it... I'll kick, punch, and mutilate it until I felt better...

Oh, and I just wanna say if there's anyone reading this blog and got a problem with anything I put on in here, whether it's something I wrote, or anything I attached here (video,photo's,etc...), could talked about it directly to me!!! Don't be asking other people bout what I wrote here, they don't know shit! so ask me, and stop being a sissy...

At the end, I just wanna say shit does happens... and it won't just happened once in your live... It'll happen oftenly... 100 time's too small a number... So here's for more fucked up things up ahead our future... may we all could bear it with all our might... *cheers*.....

Seeyah in our funnily fucked up life...

~Fucked up Arno~
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Another thoughts in my head
People said that when you hang out with great,smart, or whoever smarter than you are... Then you could became smarter than you are right now... Well, at my office now, there are some of those smart people... There's some good people... And there's a lot of those selfish-dumba$$-good-for-nothing bastard who'll do/use anything/anyone for their own benefit.

Aside from all of the priceless lessons I get from those good&smart people, the pressure from those bastards upstairs just keep getting on my nerve... But I can't leave with no backup plan... I'll leave as soon as I got another job...

If by 'accident' my boss finds this blog of mine, well now you know... And it's not about you or anyone on our lovely support room... It's just I'm looking for a better paying job, coz you know... I wanna help my family more... Actually, the thing that makes my decision this hard is how I'm gonna tell my boss about it. I really respected him... But finally, the pressure keeps on killing me... And I can't handle it anymore... So once more, I'm leaving as soon as I get a new/better job...

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Monday, September 3, 2007
Random Words
The first time you hold my hand, I'll never forget. My heart jumps around unlike anytime in my life.

The first time you said "I love you", I'll never forget. Coz it's on the phone... :p

The first time you said "I love you" in person, I'll never forget. Coz you said it in a ungirlfriendly manner... :p

The first time I kissed your hand, I'll never forget. You got mad instantly... :p

The first time I kissed your head, I'll never forget. You don't even feel it, I have to tell you that I just kissed your head... :p

The first time I hug you, I'll never forget. You did nothing... :p *

The first time I kissed your cheek, I'll never forget. You got angry, but you told me nicely not to do that again.

The first time I hold your cheek and look at your face, I'll never forget. I was blown away, can't think straight, I'm not even sure if I'm still awake... I thought it was a dream.

The first time I kissed your lips, I'll never forget..... You slap the hell out of my face... :)) *

Seeyah in our funny lives

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Whine for nothing
I was meeting my junior high school friends when I'm about to whine and complain about my job, etc, etc... but at the same time my friend came by and told me... "dude, I just got fired today." Today?? man, that sucks... and that's not the worst, he continued with "and My new kid's just 2 weeks old... How could I feed him man?"
I'm like "Okaayy... 2 weeks? isn't your kid supposed to be like 3 or 4 years old now?" and he answers... "Yeah man, it's my second baby..."


And I'm about to whine about my job and life? I wanted to complain eventhough I already know what step should I take now. Actually, all I need is time and it's really2 killing me, but I just can't help it... I needed to talk to someone, even if that makes them think that I'm a lazy-complaining-good for nothing-SOB, I just needed to talk, that's it!
But this friend of mine really opened my eye, and reminded me of some of my old principle in lifes. Before I wanna do things such as complaining, I better look around first. Don't think that I got the baddest luck in the world, there's a lot of other unfortunate ones... And look at them before you became a crybaby like me... :p

Seeyah in our funny lives

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