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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Still bad mood a bit...
I'm still on a bad mood a little bit... I'm tired... Just wishing for the best in my life... Maybe that's the hardest thing to do when you became a network engineer. Can't figure out your future for sure... Maybe when the company has bigger name or better credibility, but this company sucked!!! The management is trash, and argrrhrhrgr!!!

Maybe people on my room in the office started to realized that I looked down everyday, and has no spirit to do anything. I wanna apologize to my girl if I made her felt useless because of my feelings like this, and no! You're not useless... You always helped me up when I'm down, especially at times like this right now.

It's a pretty hard Ramadhan this year, I gotta admit... So much trouble already hit me hard since the beginning of this month... Let's just hope for the best in our future...

Seeyah in our funny lives

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