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Saturday, December 1, 2007
Ever been when someone said that they hate someone very much?? And then suddenly they did like nothing ever happened? Well, I often see that kind of situation... Someone would told me "arrrghhh, that guy is so annoying!!! He did this and that and blaablablablaaa....." And then few days after they're like "yeahh I'm just hanging out with my friends and other people, and him, and her, and that guy, and her again..." I'm like excuse me?? Didn't you just say that you hated that dude? Well it's okay when the situation is unavoidable, but when they say it really casually like "well, that's just a couple of days ago..." now that's so annoying... I mean, I hate the guts out of that person... I would smack/bitchslap him whenever I see his sorry ass, but now you're okay??
Well, I think there's an episode in seinfeld about this kind of issue... When you're facing a situation that being made as an episode in a sitcom, then that situation is so wrong... Right it out already... :p

Seeyah in our funny lives...

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